High-flying drone adventures

Drone video
Drone video

I have always been a camera fanatic, probably because my father was too, but once I started shooting video, that started to become my default. There is nothing quite like a capturing that perfect moment on video, and for one of my next reviews on The GATE, I’m test flying one of Parrot’s Bebop drones, which takes video into the air.

Frankly, I’m still amazed that I’m flying a drone and that I can watch what the camera sees through my phone. It’s an incredible experience, and that’s obvious by the fact that wherever I take the Bebop, there are people who want to come up and find out all about it.

Drones are getting a lot more prevalent now, but they’re still rare enough to be exciting, but what I find truly enthralling is being able to get that eagle-eye view of the world–something I always dreamed about as a kid.

For now, I don’t want to spoil the review, but check out this quick video I shot (which is totally raw) with the drone while I was in New Brunswick recently. The video quality could be a little higher, to be honest, but the images are still impressive for a consumer-level drone.

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