Great Scott! Christopher Lloyd & Joel McHale are in Lego ads!

Christopher Lloyd
Christopher Lloyd

Okay, yes. Christopher Lloyd did an ad for the new Lego game, Lego Dimensions, and it’s fun for a little bit, but never mind that. Ultimately it’s a few moments of Lloyd doing his “Great Scott!” shtick (which, yes, I do love), but it doesn’t feel all that interesting.

Who wouldn’t want to see Lloyd do another Back to the Future film? I’ve been down for that even when the third film was kind of mediocre. Dr. Emmett Brown is one of the great characters of film, and even in an ad it’s kind of fantastic seeing him in that role again.

On the other hand, Joel McHale apparently also did an ad for Lego Dimensions, and it’s both fun and funny. Plus, who doesn’t like Lego Batman, after all?

Watch McHale’s ad here, and scroll down for Lloyd’s.

You may be asking yourself why I’m posting ads on my blog, but the real question is, why wouldn’t I? I’m a big fan of great advertising, and there’s frankly not a lot of them on the air these days. Since ads are so prevalent now, and we’re inundated with them, I’ve always felt like it was worth “reviewing” them now and then.

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