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Back in May, I wondered “What comes next for journalism?” I’m still not sure, but I’ve found an answer about what comes next for me, at the very least.

Last year was pretty strong for The GATE; I almost made five figures from advertising and paid opportunities. If I consider The GATE a hobby, that’s a banner year, but if I’m being honest, after taxes and expenses, it’s a tad bit depressing considering I put in about 40 hours of work a week for the website.

And the truth is that I refuse to consider what I do a hobby. I feel incredibly lucky to be where I am today, but I’m also close to celebrating 20 years of The GATE, and I’m invested in sharing great stories. That has to count for something, and I absolutely love creating content.

Given the chance, lots of companies would like business to stay the same, I’m sure. In the past, they pitch me something and I cover it, but that model has led to me spending hours working on things that mainly benefit others. If I’m going to invest my time, there has to be more to it.

So what I really want to get across is that, if there’s value in pitching something to me, then there must also be value in what I do. That sounds basic, and obvious, but it needs to be stressed.

That’s why the answer I’ve come up with is paid press release submissions, and a bigger focus on sponsored posts. It’s a small but important change, because while I can make a small amount from advertising on The GATE, and on the YouTube channel, sponsored posts and paid news releases are a much better way for me to make a living, and I’ve already seen interest. I’m also accepting paid music submissions.

To help support The GATE, and what I do, as well as investing in the expanding coverage with more writers in the future, this is the best answer I’ve found.

I’ll always consider any press release or pitch I’m sent, and there will always be a place for covering some of those stories, but I also need more support to make a living and expand the website.

It’s also worth saying that the other way anyone can support The GATE is to share and interact with the content on social media. Likes, retweets, and subscribing to social accounts adds up, and I’m very, very grateful to all the supporters out there.

And of course, most of all, thanks for reading.

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