For the love of the story.

W. Andrew Powell is a writer, photographer, and videographer with a passion for entertainment, travel, food, and Scotch. Since creating and launching The GATE in 2001, Andrew has spent countless hours in front of the television and the silver screen, at restaurants and dives, and interviewing hundreds of creators, filmmakers, actors, and amazing, talented people. Every day is a new adventure.

About The GATE

Founded in 2001, The GATE is an online entertainment magazine that serves Canadians and readers from around the world with quality interviews, reviews, features, and news. Updated daily by The GATE’s talented writers, the site is a dependable source for quality features and articles, supported by strong, funny and interesting social media channels. At the heart of The GATE’s coverage is lively, intelligent discussions, with a thoughtful tone. To date The GATE’s YouTube channel has earned over 6 million video views and counting.

For the love of travel.

Travel is one of my favorite things to cover. It’s fulfilling on a lot of levels, and I live for new experiences.

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